Thursday 28 April 2011

Player wages

After some research I've come to the conclusion that the player wages are currently too low.

Therefore at the end of this season I will be implementing a new system to handle them. My long term aim is to have player contracts in the game but I need to get the figures right first before I can even contemplate this.

Therefore, below is what I am going to implement although any comments before the end of the season will be taken on board and it will possibly change because of this.

Firstly, I am going to stop correcting salaries on a weekly basis and they will just be calculated at the end of a season. This means that you can budget a bit better and promotions or relegations mean you have to offload or purchase players at once perhaps for the level you are at. this does sound more realistic even if not perfect.

The only variance here will be youth players who will be assigned a salary on promotion that will last until the season end.

At the end of a season the salaries are going to be based on all a players' skills as opposed to just their highest which is the case at the moment. they are also going to be generally higher overall and rounded up to values of £100. The maximum salary for a player will be £40,000. The current is £12,500. Players in their teens will be paid less than others and players between 20 and 23 will also be cut down but once reaching 24 they will be promoted to their maximum possible salary.

A player with skills of 60 for tackling, 69 for passing, 68 for heading, 60 for dribbling and 73 for shooting will currently earn around £9,000 just on the fact their shooting is 73 but this player should actually be paid more than somebody who has 75 for shooting and low values for the rest so in the new system will be paid around £25,000.

I appreciate this will cause more expense but then I have also remembered I lowered ticket prices because clubs were getting too much money. Once the salaries have been changed then I shall monitor again and ticket prices will probably also change. The end result will be a fairer balance.

Also, I'm contemplating giving clubs the offer to buy insurance for players, either individually or collectively. this would be in the format of paying a percentage of a players wage per week for insurance but then when they are injured (not suspended), the wage is not paid by you - although the insurance premium still will be. Any thoughts on this will be good.