Thursday 2 June 2011

Transfers by new managers

I notice recently that there has been a spate of sad people taking over teams, selling their best players and then quitting.

I've tried numerous things in the past to try and stop this happening but it's getting to the stage where I will have to make transfers occur by bid only, which would remove a lot of the freedom but also make it much much harder to cheat.

Before I do this though, I'd like to look for alternative suggestions.

One suggestion I have had put to me is to not let new managers make transfer for a certain period of time and I'd like to know what people's thoughts on this are. I know there is some debate on the message board at the moment but I only scan this and don't get involved. This blog post is therefore for a proper debate to be had, with me joining in. The more comments the merrier as I'd like to come up with a solution that suits as many people as possible.