Friday 14 May 2010

Belgian team names (again)

I know I have altered the Belgian team names quite recently but when I recently updated the Romanian teams, I gave them short names as well as their full names.

When I did the Belgian team names, I never did.

When I have done all the teams I aim to change certain pages of the site to list the shorter name but I need to have been through all the countries first and this means re-doing the Belgian list.

this may mean further tweaks to team names in Belgium occur over the next few weeks (when I get chance to do it). I'm hoping it won't be as severe but I shall be populating an as yet hidden field with a short name at the same time.

Then I have to pick the next country to work on. I'll try let you know by this blog my thoughts before I go ahead and change future countries.

Transfer of retiring players

At the end of last season I spotted 1 team that seemed to be collecting retired players. Now as this is far from realistic I am planning on disabling the transfer of retired players, at least until I bring player contracts into the game.

My plan is to not allow bids once they have announced retirement but I am undecided on whether I automatically cancel bids that have already been submitted. I probably should I suppose. That way managers can't accept the deals that they were thinking about.

Further to this, do you think there should be a time when player transfer/loan bids should be automatically cancelled?

Manager mail

I've just seen that some managers are storing a lot of in game mail and I am going to have to do some automated cleaning up.

My solution for this is to delete mail that was sent from the system (i.e. not another manager) over 4 weeks old.

Any opinions, please feel free to comment.