Sunday 28 February 2010

New training system

The new training system is now being worked on and here is a screen shot of what I think it will look like.

You may get an idea from the above that it is yet another area of the game being vastly overhauled. The current system of selecting two players to 'extra train' is nowhere near adequate for all the extra skills and it probably wasn't adequate anyway.

Players can still lose points through lack of match action but I am aiming for the balance to be better and more realistic.

You basically select a skill for the player to be trained on (including fitness) and an intensity for the training (low, medium or high). The higher the intensity the more likely the player is to improve but they are also more likely to get injured.

At the moment injuries seem to happen quite randomly for managers and it is confusing if the player didn't play during the week so the whole idea of this system is that players injured in training will be calculated differently to those injured in matches.

Alongside this I am hoping to bring in reasons as to exactly what the injury is. This bit won't actually affect the game but it will be more interesting for managers to know why their player is injured.

I'm still working on this aspect so there's not too much more I can say at the moment but hopefully you will find it vastly better.

National cup prize money

My current task is to implement individual round prize money rather than just prize money to the winners and runners-up.

When I first built the game I planned on the reward to be the extra gate money but in 'real life' there is also increased prize money the further you get in the tournament so I am going to replicate this idea.

At the moment there is £2,500,000 to the winners and £1,000,000 to the runners-up. This is going to be removed and replace with a value per round.

I'm not sure what I will do in terms of the European tournaments yet but for the National cup rounds I am going to deliver the following prize money.

For winning the final: £2,000,000
For winning the semi-final: £1,000,000
For winning the quarter final: £400,000

Then the lower rounds depend on how many rounds there are before the quarters but it will vary between £20,000 and £200,000. I shall display the values on the cup schedule page.

Obviously this means there is more money coming into the game but the new youth academy will need funding once I bring it in and I shall be re-evaluating other aspects when I get the chance also - I'm just trying to give you a bit more to think about!

Youth academy screen shot

Now that the youth academy has been finished I thought I'd let you have a quick view of what it looks like on the site and give you the chance to ask any questions about it.

It may be tweaked slightly from this should I find anything it needs but it's unlikely.

As you can see there are 3 players currently in the academy with one having been requested and awaiting approval - this one has a cancel option should the manager change their mind about the extra player BEFORE he is approved.

For the 3 players in the academy there are options to release or promote them once they have been in there at least 10 weeks. Their current position for training can also be changed.

Finally there are options to request another player (the name isn't mandatory) and to change the amount spent every week on their training.

I hope you can see that this is a vast improvement on the current 'youth' system and that there are many advantages.