Friday 14 May 2010

Transfer of retiring players

At the end of last season I spotted 1 team that seemed to be collecting retired players. Now as this is far from realistic I am planning on disabling the transfer of retired players, at least until I bring player contracts into the game.

My plan is to not allow bids once they have announced retirement but I am undecided on whether I automatically cancel bids that have already been submitted. I probably should I suppose. That way managers can't accept the deals that they were thinking about.

Further to this, do you think there should be a time when player transfer/loan bids should be automatically cancelled?


  1. Hi,

    I am new and maybe there could be an easy solution to a problem I had with the transfer pool bid as steted below:
    How do I cancel Transfer pool bids?

    I have had a bid for a transfer pool player for a while now which wont go through because my squad is too big.
    Ive tried to go through the list and find the player but cannot find him at all.
    Does anyone have any ideas on how I cancel this bid for the player?

    Posted by Daniel Cavallo of Ajax Amsterdam on 08 May 2010 (21:13)
    I have the same problem! I sold a player in order to get a team under 30 players and got a player from the transfer pool - I tried before to cancel the offer but it was not possible to find it!

    Posted by Panpan Kalyvas of SV Zulte-Waregem on 15 May 2010 (10:04)

    do you think you could add tranfer pool offers to the "transfer offers" page so that one could see them and cancel them if one wants

    thanks a lot

  2. Hi,

    This isn't related to this topic but if you mail me the details of the player(s) involved via the site then I will look into it.