Monday 12 July 2010

Skill changes

Over the weekend I made a start towards implementing much needed notification of skill changes.

I am going to show these on player pages - probably the training page and the actual player page with green and red values. The player page is also going to get a 10 week history.

I have implemented the first stage of this to run with Friday's matches - that is for the database to record the actual changes separately, rather than just changing the main value. If this works then I am hoping to work on the displays over the weekend so by Sunday I am hopeful you can see your training results without having to work it out yourself.

If anybody has any input towards this then now is the time to state......

I've been very busy at work recently which is why I haven't done it sooner but I'm now hoping I can get back to continuing the work I was doing on improvements as there's still lots I want to be done.

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