Tuesday 19 October 2010

Transfer & Loan Offers

I'm contemplating setting up a system that automatically rejects offers after a certain period of time if they haven't been actioned.

Is this something that you would want?

Should it perhaps be a setting for each manager to choose whether they want them automatically rejected or not after a certain period?

Any thoughts?


  1. Sounds good. I think offers should be automatically rejected once a team becomes unmanaged, and perhaps a ban on making offers for players of unmanaged teams. That way, a new player doesn't have their team inundated with offers, before understanding the player values, and the current market behaviour, etc.

  2. I think offers do get rejected when managers leave already but I shall look into that as well and confirm.

    I'll probably put your other ideas into play too.

  3. Another issue, and this is a tricky one, is when a team is managed, but the manager doesn't log in any more. Some of the teams have managers that haven't logged in for months, so while they are still managed, there's no hope of a reply. I guess this is where your idea of automatic rejection comes in. I think it should be up to the individual manager to choose the time limit. Personally, I will generally cancel an offer after a week or so.

  4. I think the trick here is for me to get more managers and then have teams going unmanaged at the correct time.

    Tricky one. Hopefully the new positions will help perk the game up.

  5. One thing I would really like is a "watch list" feature, so when viewing a player's page, there is a link to add him to said list; otherwise, I lose track of players I like the look of in other teams, and if they rebuff a transfer offer, it's not easy to relocate the player and bid higher.

    Following on from this, a negotiation history for a player would be good, so I know what my previous bid for a player was, and can improve on it. If I send 20-30 offers out, there's no way I can remember how much I bid for each player.

  6. I do like those ideas Jon, I have added them to my list.


  7. A simple way to do the negotiation feature would be to add the bid price in the "Transfer offer rejected" mailbox message, e.g. "Cagliari have rejected your offer to buy Billy Kerr (DM)" ... and then "for £14,500,000." Then just a link below saying "Would you like to improve the offer?" which takes you to the page where you bid for the player. Something as simple as that would make all the difference in keeping track.

    Thanks for reading, you do a great job!