Thursday 2 June 2011

Transfers by new managers

I notice recently that there has been a spate of sad people taking over teams, selling their best players and then quitting.

I've tried numerous things in the past to try and stop this happening but it's getting to the stage where I will have to make transfers occur by bid only, which would remove a lot of the freedom but also make it much much harder to cheat.

Before I do this though, I'd like to look for alternative suggestions.

One suggestion I have had put to me is to not let new managers make transfer for a certain period of time and I'd like to know what people's thoughts on this are. I know there is some debate on the message board at the moment but I only scan this and don't get involved. This blog post is therefore for a proper debate to be had, with me joining in. The more comments the merrier as I'd like to come up with a solution that suits as many people as possible.


  1. tough decision... but making new managers unable to do transfers for a certainperiod also hampers genuine new players.

    They are less likely to want to continue if they find that they are unable to strengthn their team for a period.

    Then again it sort of happens in real life with the transfer window.

    what about a transfer window instead with aonly loans being available outisde the transfer window??

  2. I agree with Gavin that it does hamper genuine new managers however how many of the new managers are genuine is hard to tell.

    Personally, I'm all for a transfer window. 5 weeks at the start of the season and 5 weeks in the middle of the season.

  3. I can easily do a transfer window but that doesn't actually stop the pathetic individuals who sign up for a team, sell players then quit.

    That's what I need a solution for.

  4. How about managers can only join outside of the transfer windows?

  5. I think that just means managers join less frequently but makes no difference to the transfer cheating?

  6. I would agree with putting a limit on selling for the first few weeks, firstly if they do sell they are likely to get stiched up.

    Transfer windows might be interesting, but might cause lots of pressure for buying and selling. How about a limit to the number of players bought/sold per week? Effectively the same thing that you have to have more than 15(?) players in your squad esle the club board complains?

  7. Just curious to stop cheating in the game what happens are they chucked out, barred for a bit minus points or fined in mystify money?

  8. Yeah I suppose when you look at it as a way of protection rather than limitation then it may work. I shall contemplate this - an angle I hadn't thought of.

  9. Chucked out basically means you can't play and I do my best to keep it that way.

  10. Could you not introduce a way that transfers are viewed by all of mystify before the deal is sealed. This could benefit smaller clubs as a bidding war may occur increasing their income from the sale, which also eliminates people signing up to gain players at cheap prices.

    Downside to it will be smaller clubs have no chance of signing big players. But I suppose it would only add to the realism of the game.

  11. I think this is along the lines of having all players transferred by bidding only and it is where I'll go if other attempts fail me.

    Some teams like to do transfers quickly so they have players for their next game so I'd prefer to keep this functionality available for that reason if I can.