Tuesday 1 September 2009

Sponsorship upgrade

I'm working on the sponsorship aspect of the game at the moment and thought I'd give you a brief idea of how it will work.

Gone will be the total randomness with every team having equal chance of good and bad deals and in will come a more structured set of offers.

When not sponsored, each team can have up to 3 new offers a week. You will get 4 weeks to accept or reject these offers so you can wait to see if a better offer comes in, although the longer you wait, the longer you have without any sponsorship money coming in.

There will also be 4 different types of company - International, national, regional and local each offering different amounts. International companies will offer the most for example. International companies will only want to sponsor teams that are in the major cup competitions (Euro and UEFA) also so the offers you get will depend on how your team is performing.

Finally there will be 2 kinds of offers - one will be a weekly payment for the duration of the sponsorship and one will be a lump sum up front.

Basically, you should get more offers and more options. The trick is to accept the right offers at the right time. If you are fighting for promotion do you wait until promoted to maybe get a better deal or take what you can get? Likewise, do you take an international offer just before you get knocked out of Europe?

I'm sure you'll agree that this new system will be much better and yet it will still be simple to accept offers - you'll also get a mail when new offers are there so you don't have to check the sponsorship screen all the time.


  1. The sponsorship should be seasonal. At the biggining of each season thats when you should have a list, You should also have the option to show your current sponsor if you wish to resign with them, because they may be a better sponsor than the ones avaliable.

    Each league should have it's own unique sponsors, so the money gained is equal to the competition.

    So if there are 12 teams in the league, there should be at least 15 options to choose from. The Sponsor should also be able to choose which team they want. ?Team ranking in the game?

    Based on some kind of mystify economics engine!

    So the clubs approach the companies, then if more than one club applies to that sponsor it will calculate at the end of the week which club they will sponsor depending on player power and position of last league run.

  2. Jonathan,

    As managers join the game at different times, I have to keep things more regular than seasonal.

    Also you don't see clubs resigning with sponsors - they may go bankrupt but that is different.

  3. Sponsor go bankrupt or the club!?! Well, if a club doesn't have a Sponsor then there should be some available to choose from, but the list should be smaller and less to choose from if picking during the season as other clubs will have those sponsors.

    But the main sponsor system should be seasonal to go with the realism.

  4. No - I mean in real life a sponsor may go bankrupt leaving the club requiring a new one.

    I think this area of the game is something I can't match with real life that well - especially as sponsorship isn't usually a managers decision anyway. It's just an extra way of giving managers some funds - I could probably take it out of the game but I figured I'd just improve on the current system.

  5. Well, more money the merry'er! Maybe why you are at it, Barnet F.C. has a backlog of lost funds!! Maybe you can find them for me!!