Wednesday 13 January 2010

Youth academy

I haven't given an update for a while so I figured it was about time I gave one. I haven't actually done much on the game behind the scenes for a few months due to other things taking priority however, this week, I have started to get back onto it.

I am currently working on the new youth academy idea that I want to bring into the game. Instead of having one list of players per country that managers sign one from every 10 weeks or so I am wanting to give clubs their own academy with up to 6 players in it.

How I see it working is that all teams start with an academy of 0 players. Players are added to the academy by making a request - this request can even include a player name although they will be rejected if silly or unrealistic. Once a request has been made it will then be up to me to manage these but when I accept or reject them (only if a suggested name is bad) the manager will be notified and the player will join the academy. Up until this point, the request can be cancelled by the manager.

Once in the academy a manager can pay a weekly fee of between £200 and £20,000 per player towards their training. The more paid, the better the players will become, although not all will become superstars. It is therefore up to each manager to work out how many players they want and how much to pay. Anything between 1 player at £200 per week up to 6 players at £120,000 per week. The financial status of your team will also dictate what you can do and the value will automatically be lowered if finances can't afford the current level.

The players will be 16 or 17 when they originally sign and can stay in the academy until they turn 20 at which point they will automatically leave. Players can be promoted to the first team squad any time once they have been in the academy for at least 10 weeks - this may increase in the future but I'll match the current situation to begin with.

While in the academy players can be trained to play in certain positions - this position can be changed whenever a manager wants until they player is promoted when a final position must be selected. Each week the player will be trained according to their selected position.

Players can also be kicked out of the academy as and when a manager requires to either save money or because they aren't improving as the manager hopes.

I think this covers it all but feel free to fire any questions at me.


  1. The academy should be about the level it is at. You shouldn't start at 0 level, but level 1. All academies should start that way where you can have a few players to start with. Then in order to make your academy better you need to invest into building it.

    So in order to upgrade to level 2 you may need to invest £1 million and so on to level up the academy which gives you better facilities for the players to learn in at the same time allowing you to increase the number of youth players you can aquire to train.

    As for wages, Minimum is £200 a week and max should be at £15,000 a week. And the age range is is 16 to 22. Contract based so you have to adjust the contract everytime it comes up.

    You mentioned you don't want one big list, well you should keep that, but that should be the list you have to aquire from to start with per season or when you need to fill up spaces in your academy if not full.

    As for signing a youth player, the club, "you" have to sign the player not for £600K which is rediculas, but for £2K which is the normal signing on fee. For lower league a signing on fee is set to £500 pound min normally.

  2. I think some of your references relate to the current youth academy which is being removed completely.

    With the new one, you shall invest as little or as much as you want in your own academy. It won't just be something that can increase in levels as the quality of it depends on the funding you give it.

    Plus at 22 I think players have either made it or been released.

  3. Sounds very cool, keep up the good work Wayne, hope it's ready soon, can't wait... Rafa Trujillo