Thursday 13 August 2009

Discipline chart

It has been suggested to me that a discipline table would be useful.

There were actually 2 suggestions regarding it.

One was to have a table similar to the leading scorers table which would show the worst offenders of a season. I don't really see the benefit of this. All players can have their current status viewed by looking at the individual players' page - a chart showing bad boys seems more a novelty than something of use. I'm open to your attempts at convincing me though as it's not too tricky to develop.

The second option was more realistic - an at-a-glance view of what players are currently suspended for a team. This could be displayed on the team information page underneath leading scorers and we could also have a divisional listing so you can see all suspensions in the division at the current time.

The benefit of the former is so that you can see if your next opponents have players out - the new scouting system doesn't show suspensions and in reality even fans know who is suspended for other teams so it's not something I want to hide. The divisional listing I'm less convinced about although I may well do it. The only reason for this in my view is so that towards the end of a season you can see if your promotion or relegation rivals are short of their players.


  1. Does the Mystify FA also fine clubs for poor discipline?

  2. I doesn't at the moment. Good idea though. I suppose that's something I could implement.

    Per match or per season?

  3. In "real football" it has set limits. I have no idea what they really are but it might be something like.... fined £10,000 if 25 bookings in a season, or £25,000 if 5 red cards in a season.

    Those figures are cumulative bookings/red cards per team, not an individual player.

    I should also add that both the thresholds and fines are made up...although the principal is actually used in the league so it shouldnt be hard to find out what the actual system is.

    Frank Griffin, Futebol Clube de Penafiel

  4. Frank, I think it goes off a cumulative total like 1 point for a yellow and 3 for a red. Reach a certain threshold and a fine comes your way.

    I like the idea of adding this - I need to make sure I don't just total the current players' cards up at the season end though - I need an extra tally somewhere so player transfers don't affect it.

    I'm thinking maybe 75 points using my above point scoring means you get fined. What do you think?

  5. I've just done a quick tally and I like the idea for discipline fines even more now.

    There are 10 teams currently averaging well more than 1 red card a match (25 out of 23 matches)!!!

    I think I may bring in a fine for a game as well as a season long one.

    The worst offender is on 90 yellows and 33 reds! I think I will work on my basis of 3 points for a red and 1 for a yellow and if a team gets more than 10 points in a game they get a £5,000 fine.

    As for a season, there are currently only 23 matches played and the high end average seems to be 80-90 points so in another 7 games they will be pushing up towards 120. That is consistently getting 4 yellow cards a game so I think I will set the level to be 120 with a view to maybe lowering it in the future.

    Then the fine will be either fixed at £100,000 and perhaps incremented to £250,000 if you reach 150 points?

    This of course is before I bring in the new match engine which should dish out cards more fairly but I think the fines should remain.

  6. Yes i did some research to and I think you are spot on that there is a cumlative "score" and fines are levied at a certain threshold. I also agree its something like 1 point for a yellow and 3 for a red.

    The level of fines seems appropriate too. How about a mystify FA written warning for player conduct occasionally when points tallies reach certain levels.

    Frank Griffin, Futebol Clube de Penafiel

  7. I could send a warning as well. Although I am trying not to clog up the mailbox with too many warnings like this.