Tuesday 11 August 2009

Mystify Soccer

This blog is going to be used to discuss all aspects of the development for Mystify Soccer. I get lots of ideas from managers that play the game and most of them do get considered.

I am hoping I can post the ideas on this blog and use it as my own reminder to develop them and also to get feedback until I come round to developing them.

As I run the game on my own, I obviously don't have time to develop the game at the speed I require but that doesn't mean discussions can't be had in the meantime - who knows, it may even motivate me to code at the moments I least feel like it.

The whole game is basically a tool for me to try development ideas out on. In lots of cases I implement certain things in Mystify before I use those ideas in business environments. However it is also a lot of fun and from reading various posts on the in-game noticeboard, I get the impression that players of the game would love more of an input.

I know I could perhaps develop a part of the site to actually run a discussion forum but I'd like to keep things separate then those that just want to play the game can do so without seeing the probable waffle that will end up appearing on here.

There will probably be quite a few posts in quick succession to start with as I note down all the ideas currently in my mailbox that players have suggested thus far. I will also post a couple of updates including screen shots of the aspects I have developed locally and haven't put live yet. Feel free to comment with your own thoughts and ideas.

Just bear in mind, I only have one pair of hands and limited free time :-)


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