Thursday, 13 August 2009

Mailbox to Email

I know these ideas are coming thick and fast at the moment but I'm just going through the ideas currently in my mailbox. I'm hoping most of these won't take me long to code and I'd rather get them all done before I move onto the next major changes.

This idea is down to receiving your mailbox mail via your email.

Firstly I intend it to be an optional feature so on your account you will check a box if you want this.

I was going to make it so that every mail into your mailbox will also be received by email but this may not be feasible as some of the messages will be coming from the end of week procedure.

Therefore I changed my plan so that it would be a daily mail to say how many new messages you had (if any) and a link to the site. Perhaps even stating who the mails are off.

Do you see any benefit in having this option? Would you tick the box to receive a daily update if you had new mail?