Wednesday 12 August 2009

End of season loans

At the end of last season one team gained what I would consider an unfair advantage by loaning 20 rated players for a very important game. I presume that these players were loaned from teams that had nothing to play for although I haven't checked. The opposition manager rightly complained but it was too late for me to do anything by then. I'm now hoping to have something in place to stop it occurring this season if I can.

Anyway, I need a way of stopping this so am looking for ideas. The only one I have so far is to disable loans for the final 4 or 5 weeks of a season when the important games are. I don't particularly want to disable transfers but just disabling loans may not be a bad idea.

In the future when I have implemented the new ratings and player salaries then it may be something that managers don't want to do anyway but it can always be reviewed once they are in place.


  1. This is a great idea to stop the cheaters, but what about the teams who really need the loan just to field a team due to injuries, especially those trying to avoid relegation or good teams trying to win the league who have got hit too hard late in teh season by injuries? I understand what the problem is that exists, but whatever idea is come up with (and I'm going to give it some thought and will try and reply again soon) needs to address the problem in a way that won't hurt teams who are using the loan system the right way.

  2. You have it with sales of players where the board will refuse to let you sell a player for a certain amount. I am assuming you could perform some programming were it also works with loans. For the top players, that are getting a lot of games in the squad you should have something like:

    The board of directors "of said club" refuses you to loan out such a key player at this stage of the season.

    So it should be equal to player rating and matches played.

    On another note, you could impliment a game system where the club directors(chairman) can sack a manager if trying to perform too many excessive destructive options to the team!

  3. Teams should not be near the top of the league based on how many mates will loan them decent players. Loans should be to cover injuries, not to buy success so Restricting loans to a maximum of 2 or 3 per team ALL SEASON would be a good idea too. 6 is far too many.

    Also how about making it so a club cannot borrow more than one player from the same club simultaneously. This would stop people loaning friends a number of players at once to help them finish in a false position.

    How about a system where you cannot borrow a player in any position who is rated higher than those you already own in that position? ie, if you have a 17 rated GK you can loan in another rated up to 17 (to cover injuries) but are prevented from loaning in a higher rated one to improve your team.

    That idea could be applied all season really and be made specific to each position.

    Finally you could allow the number of new loans in the last 4 or 6 weeks to ONLY equal the number of injuries sustained by a team. This would help where teams do have genuine injury problems which might undo a whole seasons good work. The maximum rating allowed could still be set as above.

    Lots of ideas I guess...but talk is cheap and probably harder for Wayne to program.

    Frank Griffin, Futebol Clube de Penafiel

  4. Some good ideas here. Firstly, please discount anything that involves player ratings - the player rating value is going to be phased out so I will not program anything new relating to this.

    My idea of stopping loans towards the end of the season was similar to the old transfer deadline that used to exist before windows appeared.

    I appreciate I need to help teams out if they have injuries and I don't particularly want to have a system where I have to vet the loans.

    Regarding Jonathan's idea, perhaps I could disable loans for top players at a club - however the top players are worked out (most appearances perhaps?)

    I don't want to sack managers as some are managing their favourite real life clubs but perhaps they could be fined. Hmmm

    There isn't currently a limit on how many loans can occur into a club in a season. Do you think their should be? I'm a little against this in case a manager joins after 20 weeks for example only to find they can't do anything.

    How about limiting loans from a team to 1 or 2 at a time and/or using my original idea but after 25 weeks, the only players who can be loaned out are those that aren't in the top x percent of games played or who have played less than 20 games that season (surely the players who are that regular wouldn't natuarally be loaned out)?

    Actually, I quite like that idea. After 25 weeks you can only loan out players who have played less than 15 games, 28 weeks, 18 games etc. This way you are loaning players who need match practice or who are coming back from inury or who you actually want to sell..... in fact should this be a rule all season. Any players who have played at least 75% of your games cannot be loaned out?


  5. Wayne, That last paragraph you said was the idea like the idea floating around inside my head when I wrote that.

    I am a Spurs supporter, they are a top club, I also know they have current got 3 players loaned out to Yeovil Town right now. I am not sure if that is the limit you can send to a club or not. But that would seem like a nice number to have a loan limit at too a club.

    As of right now I want to loan more than that from my Mystify team of Barnet, simply because I want to cut down my wage bill at the club. I was hoping to loan out 4 or 5 players. For the top clubs, having a big roster and loaning out to lower league clubs can help both ways. So I wouldn't be so quick to destroy that.

  6. Jonathan.

    I see your point. I agree you should be able to loan OUT as many players as you like.... no restrictions on how many you can loan out. I more meant that if a person wants to loan IN players they should not be allowed to take more than 1 player from any single club at once but they would be allowed to borrow a single player from a number different of teams at the same time, subject to a maximum number. This would stop a collaboration where a person can loan a mate 3 or 4 really top players in one go to help them out for a match or at the end of a season.

    Frank Griffin, Futebol Clube de Penafiel

  7. Rafael Trujillo, Genoa19 August 2009 at 01:44

    I dont see it as cheating, in fact i have done it, and im sure im not the only one who has, as it was not forbidden , it was not cheating, BUT, sounds fair enough, for other team that have not done it, but u will have to do it also in cup games, kinda difficult, dont u think Wayne ?

  8. Rafael, which bit don't you see as cheating?

    Loaning 20 rated players for a cup final? It is a form of cheating as it is very unfair and, more to the point, very unrealistic.

    If I take league games only into consideration then this will work out the manager's better players in theory. Stopping them being loaned means they won't be able to be used in either league or cup games.

    Or have I missed your point?

  9. Rafael Trujillo, Genoa19 August 2009 at 19:02

    Got it,I agree, it is unfair now that I see it, but it is not as serious as having more than one team, right ? I agree the game will be more FAIR, but what about injury crisis ??? (happens a lot)Sorry Wayne but i still dont consider it as cheating per se, sorry, just my opinion.

  10. Rafael,

    Injury crisis' will just mean you have to loan in players who are available. I'm not planning on stopping ALL loans just the loans of players who are regulars at other teams, which should be the better players.

    If you read the comments fully, you should see I changed my mind from a ban on all loans.