Tuesday 11 August 2009

New scouting system

As you may be aware, I have completed the development of a new scouting system which will replace the current one which I feel is flawed in many ways (along with sponsorship, training etc etc - there's loads!)

I can't launch this yet because it only uses the new player skills as opposed to the single player rating but here a couple of screen shots for you to view.

This screen shot is as it will begin for all managers. No scouts hired and the options for each scout. You can see they all have a weekly cost associated to them and they can all do 1 report a week at this cost. Up to level 4 they will bring back a maximum of 30 players but levels 5 & 6 are 40 and 50 players respectively.

This next screen shot shows the situation after hiring a level 4 scout and selecting that you want him to do a level 4 report. Each scout can generate reports for every level up to the one they are being paid for. therefore you could hire a level 6 scout and he could perform level 4 reports every week should you wish.

Upon requesting the report the scout will instantly provide the information you have requested. If there are more than 30 (or 40/50) players found then it will be a random selection of those players matching the criteria specified.

Once the report has been generated, the scout can not be released or generate a new report until the next week. This is because you need to pay for the report and payment happens weekly.

I could make it so that reports happen instantly and they are paid for at the time. However, I feel that there needs to be some challenge as to what managers select for scouting and I don't want to give the teams with loads of money too much of an advantage.

There can be up to 5 scouts a week all at levels of the managers' choosing. Even if a scout does not run a report for a week, they will still need paying as in theory they are on your staff to use as you wish.


  1. as reward for being the first follower, could you make my extra training work everytime?

    ps all looking good dude!

  2. Erm... no - besides - the whole training system needs sorting to be far better anyway.

  3. I guess only negative is that this means the richer clubs will benefit more by buying more scouting...while the poorer ones struggle ansd may not be able to afford any scouting.

    The current system may have its flaws but at least it is "equal" for everyone.

    Perhaps one way round this would be for the scouts to cost different rates for each division (kinda in line with average gates for that division).

    So a premier division club would be charged more than a lower league team.

    Frank Griffin, Futebol Clube de Penafiel

  4. I would always want the bigger clubs to have more facilities at their disposal as that is like real life then. In reality Manchester United have far more scouts than Accrington Stanley. The idea should be, as you progress through the leagues you have more scope. Part of the benefits of promotion means more money gate money coming in and thus more cash for scouting.

    When the game started, everything was equal (scouting, sponsorship etc) but slowly I'm trying to change it so that being in the top division has its advantages without making it too hard to get there. I just think it should be earned more and managers should have the choice of what to spend their money on (scouting, youth, training, salaries etc) depending on their philosophy.

  5. I think the new ratings are welcome, but would work better if they were still out of 20.